Different by Eco-Design. Environmentally conscious by choice.

greenre is an eco-design manufacturer and consumer brand specializing in licensed and private label products such as stationery, activity, craft, back to school, novelty, office and select home products. We are best-in-class brand licensees and are producing North American products for mass retail. Our partners include Disney, Marvel, Lucas Films, LOL Surprise, Emoji Brand, Angry Birds, Warner Bros., and DC Comics.


We prioritize and strive to use recycled materials, bio-fibers, natural materials, recyclables, new age biopolymers, singular material compounds, emissions avoidance and eco-designed alternatives that minimize environmental pressures. For every tree we SAVE, we are PLANTING 3 MORE.

About Us

Greenre is a manufacturer and a North American consumer brand. We are a proud Canadian company and the first producer at mass market retail to provide a complete range of affordable and environmentally conscious products.

Our environmentally conscious product lines extend from stationery to activity, craft, novelty, office and select home products.

Our inspiration is conscious consumerism. With over two decades of consumer product development, we have intimate knowledge of what needs to be changed. Our primary motivation is to create a course correction path to transform a category from coast to coast. With the collective support of our partners, retailers and consumers we can “be the change you want to see in the world” — M.Gandhi.


We prioritize and strive to use recycled, recyclables, and bio-materials in all our products and packaging, and we print with soy-based inks whenever possible. For every TREE WE SAVE WE ARE PLANTING 3 more.

Our journey is not unique to our company but shared amongst others who lead in this space. Under our Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) discovery, redirection, and reevaluation are fluid and constant.

In manufacturing there is a term called running change, and we believe that our authentic circular economy efforts will fit this industry-known term. greenre is formulating a circular economy by utilizing waste streams, Eco-design and tree planting within everyday operations. The result is unprecedented carbon offsetting effects that are outpacing our initial expectations.

We believe at the heart of our business model that if you use something, you reuse, recycle, replenish. That’s why for every tree we save, we’re planting 3. With every step of this journey we are encouraged by the progress and learning that happens along the way.

"Planted Tree Program" "Reforestation, Long Leaf Pine" Image of trees.
"Degradable & Biodegradable: PLA Biopolymer / Polyactic Acid. Degradable" Image of corn cobs, chemical compound and plastic pieces.
"Recycled: PET Polyethylene Terephthalate Recycled Bottles Pre-consumed Recycled Plastic" 3 piles of plastic pieces. "Recycled Papers." 2 stacks of papers and a cardboard tube.
"Natural Material: Bamboo and Wood" Image of wood pile and bamboo. "Jute Rope and Cotton" Image of strong roll and cotton ball.
"Eco-Intelligence: Conscious green decisions." Image of a brain with a green leaf overlaid.

DISCLAIMER: greenre’s communications fall within the Canadian Standards Association Environmental Claims Guide, developed in partnership with the Canadian Competition Bureau. Our information above provides an overarching material mix of our products. We will provide any variance of this information with accuracy and clarity on the product. Although we intend to meet every municipality’s recycling infrastructure capabilities for our product, this process is complex. We are actively working nationwide to understand the individual provincial collection and sorting functions to maximize all results.

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