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CBC Ottawa News exploring Eco Friendly company

CBC Ottawa News exploring Eco Friendly company

Greenre CEO Keith Loiselle says the company strives to use recycled, recyclables, and bio-materials in all products and packaging. (Jean Delisle/CBC)

The going-green movement has been gaining traction among big companies for years, and Greenre’s environmentally conscious products got the attention of major retail partners including Disney. Loiselle said deals were signed to bring Greenre’s products right to the centre of major retailers, using these big brands as leaders.

He is confident despite the challenges, the company will see “unprecedented carbon offsetting effects” through its tree-planting initiative.

For every tree saved using recycled material, Greenre will plant three more.

Loiselle said his team of six employees is already in talks with retailers in the United States and Australia to grow further.CBC’s Journalistic Standards and Practices|About CBC NewsReport Typo or Error|Corrections and Clarifications