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Canadian Brand greenre, Launches Environmentally Conscious Products Landing July 2021

Canadian Brand greenre, Launches Environmentally Conscious Products Landing July 2021

Different by Eco-Design. Environmentally conscious by choice.

April 22nd, 2021 — Ottawa, ON

Video still image of Keith Loiselle holding a sapling, "Canadian Brand greenre Uses 133.6 Metric Tons of Recycled Material in 2021. With Every Tree They Save, They Are Planting 3."

greenre Brand — The Canadian brand of INProduction Licensing — is excited to announce its launching of a category transforming product line to retailers nationwide in Summer and Fall 2021. greenre products range from activity, craft, and novelty to stationery, back-to-school, and select home products. Our environmentally conscious products consist of recycled, natural materials, recyclables, non-toxic, post-agricultural biofibers, and new-age bioplastics. 

Greenre is a proud Canadian company manufacturing for sale throughout North America, specializing in licensed and private label products. Our partners include Disney, Marvel, Lucas Films, LOL Surprise, Emoji Brand, Angry Birds, Warner Bros., and DC Comics. 


greenre is excited to announce that for every tree we save, we are planting 3. Our company has partnered with The Arbor Day Foundation, which is the leading North American non-profit organization dedicated to the reforestation of trees globally. Throughout the sale of our products, we are planting Longleaf Pine Trees as part of the Arbor Day Foundation’s reforestation program.

With internal R&D and qualified environmental data contributors, we have recently created an Environmental Impact Assessment tool kit. This tool kit has allowed us to supply retailers, environmental impact data on retail programs under participation.


We have the pleasure of announcing the market position of products in Canada at the rate of 133 Metric tons of recycled materials in the said product in 2021. This waste stream material has diverted a total of 49.5 Metric Tonnes of carbon dioxide from 2271 trees saved. The annual carbon emissions related to the trees at a mature size planted by greenre in line with orders are 144.8 Metric Tons annually. The result is unprecedented carbon offsetting effects that are outpacing our initial expectations.

greenre products will be available at Walmart,,, Indigo, Costco,, Giant Tiger,, Northwest Company, Terra20, and Rexall late Spring and leading into Fall. Those interested can find more information at, and can purchase the preliminary product now at the local Ottawa success story, Terra20 Retailers. 

Our product packaging includes information about our products and the opportunity to register a planted tree in the customer’s name. A QR code on the product allows consumers to scan the product and learn about our programs, educational information on recycling, and the value of trees on our planet.


greenre has launched — a website dedicated to advocating for reforestation, recycled materials, and the positive effects of sequestration of carbon by trees. We will not only be planting trees but embedding our partnership with Arbor Day with everything we do. In addition to our product’s financial contributions for trees, we will underpin fundraising, activations and generate awareness to our children, youth, general consumers, and ultimately generate genuine buy-in from all major retailers and the general public. 

Quote, CEO Keith Loiselle – “We are confident that our genuine effort will not go unnoticed. Although early by some accounts, the time for retail category transformations is necessary to the future of retail, both online and in-store. Soon eco will be the cost of entry at retail. Our company is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations General Assembly. Our journey is not unique to our company but shared amongst others who lead in this space. An important aspect to our SDG’s is the understanding that discovery, redirection and re-evaluation are fluid and constant. We are excited to be part of this movement.”

About greenre Brand


greenre is a manufacturer and consumer brand that specializes in licensed and private label stationery, activity, craft, back to school, novelty, office, and select home products. Different by Eco-Design, Environmentally conscious by choice. We share the best-in-class brand licensees producing North American products for mass retail.

Our consumer products are part of our growing sustainable and circular economy offering. Our products are made of recycled, natural materials, recyclables, non-toxic, new age biopolymers.

We consider the implications at every stage of our products, and each item has a targeted attribute that focuses on making the product more environmentally conscious. We believe when consumers are given the opportunity to make environmentally conscious choices, without giving up quality or value, they will seek out greenre products to meet their needs.

  Keith H Loiselle   CEO